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Breaking the Habit Code

We first make our habits, then our habits make us. We are creatures of habit, and the habits we choose determine a cascade of behaviors that affect all aspects of our lives.


In this introspective workshop we deconstruct our habits and learn the mechanism and power behind these often unconscious behaviors. Participants will uncover the triggers and rewards that drive their habit loops and learn how to break, change and create new, more healthy routines.


By using visualization techniques, directed motivation, master scripts, and goal setting, participants will learn to harness the force of habit formation and take back the power over their personal and professional lives.

Key learnings of the workshop include:

  • Understanding the mechanism and power behind habits and how they can shape our lives

  • Identifying triggers and rewards that drive habit loops and how to change them

  • Creating new, healthy habits using visualization and goal setting techniques

  • Developing master scripts to guide behavior in different situations

  • Building directed motivation to sustain new habits over time.

Session: Full-Day

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