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The Force of Habit

“Some great insights that will help me replace some of the more negative habits in my life and career.”

“Habits are easier to make than break, but this workshop gave me some valuable tools to start the process.”

We first make our habits, then our habits make us. We are creatures of habit, and the habits we choose determine a cascade of behaviors that affect all aspects of our lives.


In this introspective workshop we deconstruct our habits and learn the mechanism and power behind these often unconscious behaviors. Participants will uncover the triggers and rewards that drive their habit loops and learn how to break, change and create new, more healthy routines.


By using visualization techniques, directed motivation, master scripts, and goal setting, participants will learn to harness the force of habit formation and take back the power over their personal and professional lives.

Session: Full-Day


Sean Grace

Sean Grace is a communication specialist with over 25 years of experience helping brands, organizations and teams become better communicators. His own creative brand of communication training is forged from his long career as an executive in the advertising, publishing and entertainment industries.


Sean’s leadership development philosophy is based on the art and science of empathic communication - listening to understand, objective self-awareness, and clear, concise communication built around mutual trust.


Specializing in high performance learning and leadership development from early-in-career to senior management, Sean’s workshops encompass uncovering inner strengths, leveraging one’s unique life experience and helping future and current leaders reach their highest potential.

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