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Think, Create Innovate:
Design Thinking Fundamentals

In this fun, exhilarating, and challenging workshop, participants learn the foundations of Design Thinking and then apply them to a fast-paced, team-based design sprint project.

Participants will learn the principles of design thinking and how it can be applied to a wide range of challenges, from product design to organizational strategy. They'll explore techniques for empathy and user research, ideation and prototyping, and how to test and iterate their solutions. Through interactive exercises and real-world case studies, participants will gain practical experience in applying design thinking to their own work and leave with a toolkit of resources to support their ongoing innovation and problem-solving.

This workshop is for any designer, critical thinker or leader seeking to improve their - and

their team’s - creative problem-solving skills.

Key learnings:

  • Understanding the principles of design thinking and the different ways in which it can be applied 

  • Techniques for empathy and user research to better understand customer needs

  • Ideation and prototyping methods to generate and refine ideas

  • Strategies for testing and iterating solutions to improve effectiveness

  • Developing a toolkit of resources for ongoing innovation and problem-solving.

Session: Full-Day / Multi-Day

“I learned a lot of new tools and methods... like IceBerg, STEEP, Crazy 8s and using graphs to rank ideas”

“The Design Sprint was one of the most valuable skills I learned during residency.”

“I wasn’t aware of the principles of DT before... I learned some new frameworks to bring back to my teams.”

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