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Design Thinking

“I learned a lot of new tools and methods for the ideation process, like IceBerg, STEEP, Crazy 8s and using graphs to rank ideas”

“The Design Sprint was one of the most valuable skills I learned during residency.”

“I wasn’t aware of the principles of Design Thinking before this workshop. I learned important new frameworks to bring back to my teams.”

In this fun, exhilarating, and challenging workshop, participants learn the foundations of Design Thinking and then apply them to a fast-paced, team-based design sprint project.

DT is a powerful framework for innovating around complex challenges. You will learn brainstorming techniques such as Crazy-8s, Iceberg, and STEEP; learn how to build user personas and empathy maps; categorize and rank ideas, all while keeping focused on a solution that’s feasible, desirable, viable, innovative and inclusive.


This workshop is for any designer, critical thinker or leader seeking to improve their - and

their team’s - creative problem-solving skills.

Session: Full-Day / Multi-Day


Sean Grace

Sean Grace is a communication specialist with over 25 years of experience helping brands, organizations and teams become better communicators. His own creative brand of communication training is forged from his long career as an executive in the advertising, publishing and entertainment industries.


Sean’s leadership development philosophy is based on the art and science of empathic communication - listening to understand, objective self-awareness, and clear, concise communication built around mutual trust.


Specializing in high performance learning and leadership development from early-in-career to senior management, Sean’s workshops encompass uncovering inner strengths, leveraging one’s unique life experience and helping future and current leaders reach their highest potential.

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