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Management Essentials

"The workshop was excellent, Sean was amazing, can't wait to have the team put these skills to work!"
Senior Director, R&D, BioTech

The "Management Essentials" workshop series is designed for new and experienced managers looking to enhance their management skills and become more effective leaders. This series covers a range of topics including communication, time management, delegation, performance reviews, managing conflict, and managing change. Through a combination of interactive exercises, case studies, and discussions, participants will gain practical experience in managing their team and leading their organization towards success. 

Key Learnings:

  • Effective communication skills for managers and leaders

  • Strategies for delegation and empowering team members

  • Best practices for conducting performance reviews and providing feedback

  • Techniques for managing change and leading through transitions

  • Productivity and time management skills

  • Developing emotional intelligence for better leadership

  • Team development and building a positive work environment.

For all manager levels

Session: Full-day / Multi-day

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