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Personal Brand - A Master Plan

Career development is more than just learning the skills of your profession; success today is more often determined by your ability to craft a personal brand - a distinct presence that celebrates your unique value, expertise, passion, and authority in your field of influence.

This personal discovery workshop gives you the tools to uncover your singular voice, leverage your unique life experience, and design a master plan that stays true to your values and purpose, while reaching for your highest potential.

Participants will learn how to: magnify their strengths; rewrite their “master scripts”; elevate their self-confidence; enhance their leadership presence resulting in improved team performance; communicate their value; expand their networks, and develop their thought leadership.

Additionally, participants will learn about the importance of personal branding in the modern workplace and how to create a personal brand that reflects their values, strengths, and professional goals. They'll explore techniques for identifying their unique value proposition and how to effectively communicate their personal brand to others.


Through interactive exercises and real-world case studies, participants will gain practical experience in developing and managing their personal brand and leave with a toolkit of resources to support their ongoing development.


Key learnings:

  • Understanding the importance of personal branding in the modern workplace

  • Developing a personal brand that reflects your values, strengths, and professional goals

  • Techniques for identifying your unique value proposition and communicating it effectively to others

  • Building an online presence and leveraging social media to promote your personal brand

  • Developing a toolkit of resources for ongoing development in personal branding skills.


For early-in-career to senior executives.

Session: Half-Day / Full-Day

“After this course I’m convinced personal brand is as important as my technical training.”

“The tools and skills I gained from the workshop were career changing.”

“As a senior executive with decades of experience... showed me how to best leverage my expertise to increase my thought leadership.”

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