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Sean Grace

Sean Grace is a communication consultant, author, coach, and speaker, with over 25 years of experience developing and training sales, marketing, and leadership talent across diverse industries. His unique brand of business consulting is forged from his long career in media, advertising, and the creative arts. 


In his leadership development philosophy, Sean believes in the art and science of empathic communication - listening to understand, objective self-awareness, and clear concise communication built on mutual trust. 


Specializing in high-potential learning and leadership development, Sean offers training workshops that cater to individuals at all levels of an organization. These workshops are designed to help participants uncover their inner strengths, leverage their unique life experiences, and reach their full potential. From The Art of the Question and Styles of Communication to The Agile Way and Management Essentials, these immersive workshops offer invaluable insights, skills, and practical tools for current and future leaders alike.


Sean studied performance at the Juilliard School and finance at Wharton. As an award winning musician and multi-instrumentalist, he borrows techniques from jazz improvisation to help foster creative collaboration and cooperation within and across teams.


Sean’s track record of success as a consultant and coach has earned him a reputation as a trusted advisor and trainer to some of the world’s most innovative and successful organizations.

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