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Styles of Communication

Everybody has a specific style in which they communicate. Understanding both your own style and that of others improves your ability to effectively communicate, manage, persuade and influence.


In this illuminating and revelatory workshop, participants develop a deeper understanding of their own communication style and how it impacts others. They will learn about different communication styles, such as assertive, aggressive, passive, and passive-aggressive, and explore how to adapt their communication style to meet the needs of different situations and personalities. The workshop will also cover techniques for active listening, building rapport, and resolving conflicts through effective communication. 


Through interactive exercises and role-playing activities, participants will gain practical experience in understanding and regulating communication styles and leave with a toolkit of resources to support their ongoing development in this essential skill.


Key learnings:

  • Understanding different communication styles and their impact on others

  • Adapting communication style to different situations and personalities

  • Techniques for active listening and building rapport

  • Strategies for resolving conflicts through effective communication

  • Toolkit for ongoing development in communication skills

Session: Half-Day / Full-Day

“It was so interesting to learn about my own style of communicating and how that affects how others see me.”

“There’s been tension within my project team that’s been hard to resolve. Learning about different modes of communication has helped rectify these conflicts.”

“Surprising to learn how the most successful managers are often fine-tuned to communication styles. This workshop gave me the tools to really build that skill set.”

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