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Storytelling & Presentation


From Hollywood to the Boardroom - Screenwriting Secrets for Better Presentations   


  • Finding The Story     

  • Points of View     

  • Story Arcs & Plot Points     

  • The Three Act Structure


Data Visualization     

  • Translating Data Into Visual Stories   

  • Creating Compelling Infographics   

  • Principles of Data Visualization


Power Presentations


  • Commanding the Stage     

  • What’s the Story?     

  • Principles of Visual Design     

  • Speaking with Authority

Team Dynamics & Creative Problem Solving


The Art of The Question


  • Investigative Techniques     

  • Question Frames     

  • Negotiation   

  • Modes of Critical Thinking

Design Thinking | Design Sprints   


  • Innovation as Practice     

  • Frameworks & Schemas     

  • Productive Brainstorming     

  • Inspiring Creative Teams


Styles of Communication     


  • Building Healthy Teams     

  • Decoding Modes of Communication

  • Improving Emotional Intelligence

  • Managing Conflict

GMW conducts immersive and transformative learning & development experiences, on-site, off-site and virtually, for organizations and teams. 

See Workshops menu for session details.

We specialize in the following:

  • Leadership Development & Change Management

  • Creative Communication Skills

  • Innovation & Team Cohesion

  • Presentation & Storytelling

  • Public Speaking

  • Persuasion & Influence

  • Personal Brand & Presence

  • Data Visualization

  • Design Thinking 

  • Management Essentials

  • Cross Cultural Communication

  • Executive Coaching

  • Early-in-Career to C-Suite


"Public speaking has always been a problem for me. This workshop gave me the tools to be a more confident and engaging speaker.”


“My team works with different R&D sectors, the workshop gave us a good framework to better investigate critical needs.”

“This workshop has given me a solid structure for effective storytelling that I plan to use in all my presentations.”


“The Design Sprint was one of the most valuable skills I learned during residency.”


“There’s been tension within my project team that’s been hard to resolve. Learning about different modes of communication has helped rectify these conflicts.”

Leadership Development


Managing Your Inner Critic     


  • Controlling Your Inner Voice     

  • Reducing Negative Self Talk

  • Banishing Imposter Syndrome    

  • Calibrating Your Emotional Self

Personal Brand - A Master Plan

  • Defining Your UV (Unique Value)   

  • Leadership Presence

  • Elevating Your Visibility

  • Increasing Thought Leadership

The Force of Habit

  • Unlocking Habit Loops

  • Revealing Triggers & Rewards 

  • The Habits of Teams  

  • Master Scripts and Goal Setting 


Management Essentials

  • Leading vs Managing vs Coaching

  • Empathic Communication

  • Talent Development 

  • Managing Remote & Hybrid Teams

“It's always a pleasure partnering with Sean for the J&J R&D Leadership Development programs. His high energy and captivating teaching style always makes a lasting impact with my participants. By fostering a fun and open learning environment, Sean’s workshops are full of high group engagement, substantive skills learning and always lots of laughs.”

Nur Mustafa

Senior Talent Manager

Johnson & Johnson

“I’ve had extensive experience working with Sean over the years. I find his communication style extremely engaging and his instructional approach to be on-point but in a way that is both fun and collaborative. Whether in a live setting or virtual, Sean uses technology in a powerful way that goes beyond the typical slideshows that accompany most trainings. I recommend his services without reservation.”


Glen Saunders

Senior Director

Product Management


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