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Languages of Transformation

We all have a strong tendency to maintain our status quo while simultaneously ruminating, wishing, and complaining about how much we’d prefer things to change. This conflict is often at the root of our struggles to improve, develop, change, and grow. 


Language is a key instrument for how we process the world, and can be a powerful player in managing this stasis vs change dynamic. The Languages of Transformation workshop explores a set of language forms that can help break through our immunity to change, and shows how to apply those forms for better team & organizational integrity. 

Participants will learn how to transform complaint to commitment and blame to personal responsibility. They'll learn how to uncover internal conflicting commitments that often paralyze us, and overcome the big assumptions that hold us back. 


Key learnings:

  • Transforming the language of complaint to the language of commitment

  • Transforming the language of blame to the language of personal responsibility

  • Constructing an "immunity map" to overcome resistance to change

  • How to transform obstacles into opportunities

  • The advantages of slow problem-solving

  • Applying the framework to the team and organization level

For early-in-career to senior executives.

Session: Half-Day / Full-Day

“Very thought provoking, really enjoyable.”

“Super interesting to see how hidden internal commitments block our ability to accept change.”

“Look forward to sharing these learnings with my team”

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